| Dominik Zausinger

The last two days I was at the 5D conference held in Constance. This conference is one of the major events on BIM in Germany or even Europe. It is placed in the Konzil – a beautiful building out of the middle ages – and on a boat next to it. Both locations are quite a charming and unique setting for this event.

Compared to other BIM events this one is quite company/ product driven I have to say. Quite many of the sessions were about new features of the products of the sponsors which is in some way a pity. Of course it is very interesting to see how new software is developed that will help us manage BIM processes. But all software presentations are more or less without showing real use cases with real problems. I am really thankfull to Nemetschek, Trimble, Siemens and all the others that make this event happen but some user experiences as presented in the last BuildingSmart Forums would be very enriching.

Nonetheless this event shows that BIM is speeding up. It seems BIM is getting more and more widespread and german government is driving the development. But although there are quite many people at the conference it seems it’s more like a big family meeting. The same people trying to push things forward and talking about and start sharing their experiences and issues.

So all in all it was a very well organised and interesting event as you can meet a lot of people related to BIM!

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