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Rhino for Mac

Rhino for Mac

The commercial Version of Rhino for Mac will be released “soon”. Nobody at the Rhino Meeting conference will tell you an exact date, but they give you hints that it will not take long anymore.

There are currently around 180 bugs left that need to be fixed before Rhino for Mac is ready. Last month they fixed around 270. Some bugs take longer to track down than others – but it gives you a rough estimate of the current development status. After the software is ready of course, it still will be some time until its ready to ship to the customer.

Rhino for Mac will be the first McNeel product that will be distributed Online only. So there are no more DVDs and shipping fees. Also, don’t be looking for it on the AppStore. You will not find it there. It will only be distributed through resellers (like


Rhino for Mac is different from Rhino 5. The first release will not include a 3rd party SDK (Software Development Kit) So for now, there will be no Plug-Ins available on the Mac. It will not support layouts and there will be NO Grasshopper.

But here’s the good news: Over time these features will be added one by one through FREE service releases.


Rhino for Mac will be significantly cheaper than Rhino 5 for Windows. There will be different prices available.

If you own a Rhino for Windows license you can buy a COMMERCIAL license for 95 Euros… YES 95 Euros (not including VAT Tax)

If you don’t in the first few months after the release you can buy a COMMERCIAL license for 295 Euros. After that it will cost 495 Euros – That is still only about 50% of the Windows price.

So that’s it for now.

Oh, I almost forgot: You can of course still download the Beta until it is released under

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