King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture




Inoclad GmbH


2010 - 2011 (in construction)


Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

On this project we have been involved as external contractors of Inoclad who was entrusted with the planning and construction of the "weatherskin" outer shell. Our task was the automated generation of production data from the 3D CAD model along with the integration of production-relevant information (BIM) in the volumetric model of the facade of the tower.

The reference surface was divided into elements with producible sizes. All components were automatically created and provided with the information they need for production, assembly and logistics by individual developed software.

The finished elements are made out standing seam panels that emulate the double curved surface. The panels are brought into the desired position by individually aligned holder, which in turn are mounted to a steel frame. The final element is hooked up and secured onsite to previously mounted consoles.