What we do

Digital solutions for complex designs.




We plan and develop constructions Completely in 3D and optimized for CNC-manufacturing. That allows fast and clear assemblies, cuts down costs and secures an unobstructed implementation of the project.

For every project we develop individual software, which generates a complete 3D-model. From that we derive all production data for CNC-manufacturing. This direkt data link between 3d model and machine ensures a maximum of planning reliability and creates logical assembly systems. On-site readjustments become unneccessary.

The production process is virtually simulated and optimized before the actual manufacturing begins. Only then the generation of the individual production data for the machines follows. The programming enables us to automate planning to a large extent. That guarantees precision, flexibility and allows the planning of larger quantities of individual components at low additional expenses.

For our construction developments we optimize the relation between standard components and CNC-components, thus making them more flexible and simplifying production and assembly considerably. The parametric CAD-implementation allows an uncomplicated response to unique demands within the system - a decisive advantage particularly for complex forms and designs.




We develop solution concepts true to details for all phases of the project - made to measure and with modern technical approaches.

Each work process creates standardized procedures for routine tasks. Major parts can be controlled by computers and therefore can be optimized and automated. We analyze work processes and develop bespoke software for neuralgic aspects to optimize the processes. Mostly as individual extensions of existing software on the basis of .Net API.

For the implementation of complex designs with CNC-machines we identify technological obstacles before the production and find individual, working solutions. Due to our experience in CAD-planning, automation and CNC-manufacturing we can assess which implementation is suitable for a project and assist in the implementing of complex designs true to the original shape.

In computational design we develop algorithms which lead to a design result. That facilitates an indirect influence on the result, the control over complex dependencies and the comparative implementation of numerous design variations in short time spans.


Leading into the future


We think BIM further. As an intelligent planning system ready for the future. Thus we generate a real, efficient and measurable additional value in the planning of buildings.

For the construction industry BIM is a future vision and at the same time an emotive word. The idea of an intelligent, networked and sustainable planning of buildings is long overdue. The aim is to avoid mistakes and realize projects efficiently.

We are already going one step further today and interpret BIM as BUILDING INTELLIGENCE MODELING. Because the aspiration of BIM has already for a long time been a reality and the core of our work: intelligence! Our planning and models generate more than mere exchanges of data - we develop intelligent planning beyond standardized components and models. We do not only collect data, but assemble them to an intelligent entity.

For more efficiency, secure planning and the future of intelligent building planning.